A good game buried under some bad decisions By Deb

-Fun and addicting gameplay once you can play it.
-Your city, though very small, does feel very much alive.
-Tons of micromanagement to deal with and though it can get overwhelming, the game does a great job of directing you through situations.
-I was on the fence about the multi-player aspects at first but it surprised me. Starting a private region and inviting friends in, or just playing with random strangers adds a nice twist to the game. You can each decide what you want to specialize in, and then offer resources or services the other needs (you can even do this by yourself if you want). Let’s say one city chooses to go for education, well those schools help the entire region. Even the sims from the other cities can travel to your city to go to school, provided you have the mass transit needed that is.
-The game looks and sounds great, the sounds really do add a lot to the game as you go through clicking on various buildings and sims.

-Always online required. It’s a shame that such a good game is being crushed by this requirement. This game soaks up time like a sponge and would be the perfect game to play when your net is down or if you’re traveling, unfortunately if you don’t have a solid net connection, you won’t be playing at all.
-City sizes are very small, even to me and I’m new to Simcity (I’ve seen gameplay of the older games though). So if you’re a veteran of this series, I imagine the size will really bum you out. On a side note, I really hope EA does not have the nerve to come out with a bigger city size DLC, I know that might be too much to ask though =(.
-EA Origin required. Some people don’t mind this, but it is worth mentioning. You will need to download, install, and create an EA origin account to play this game. I don’t mind it for the reasons some people do, I just hate having to install yet another program to run my games with. (can you imagine if every publisher pushed their own program that you needed to have in order to play their games?)
-Final con would have to be EA’s involvement. Of all the publishers, this one seems the worst when it comes to pushing DLC and now micro-transactions in $60 games. I would be really upset if they do try and charge for bigger cities.

Final Note: I bought this game last night and downloaded it from Amazon. I was able to log in, with no wait time, to NA east 3 and play for 2 hours before I went to sleep. Today has been the same experience. I’ve played off and on all day without any wait times, disconnections, or lost progress. So I’m guessing they have gotten a lot of the server issues worked out since yesterday.

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