A Lesson Learned By GadgetryXS

I’d like to start by saying SimCity is a fantastically crafted game. Its level of depth, beauty, and artistic style make it something to be enjoyed for a long time. The time I’ve spent actually playing has been hugely rewarding. I will be playing much more of it since I have now spent the money on it.

Of course, like so many others, that’s not the issue. My desire to play this game was so strong I ignored all the fuss about DRM as I had so many times before (Diablo 3, Spore, etc.) and pre-ordered back in December. Not only have the server problems reached the point of absurdity, but the pre-order system that was used was a massive failure as well. Sure it will all get fixed in the next few weeks and everything will run as it should have on Day 1. But it leaves me with a bad taste that this ever happened at all. A constant online connection just doesn’t make sense for this game.

So thank you EA (and I hate to say, Maxis too) for finally teaching me the lesson that no matter how bad you want something, if those selling it aren’t keeping the customers best interest in mind then stay far far away from it.

SimCity will be the last DRM game I ever buy. If that means I quit being a gamer, then so be it.

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