A lot of Unfair Reviews By John O’Brien

I ordered the packaged version, which unfortunately forced me to wait until 5 days for delivery. I’m glad I waited, due to their horrid launch issues. Once I received it however, installation and updating went off without a hitch. I was able to log in with no problems and begin playing the game.

After a few hours of my life vanished in a blink, I thought I’d write this quick review. The game is an absolute masterpiece, and to not buy this game because of their launch issues is a mistake. I can only begin to imagine the amount and level of dedication that went into putting a game of this size and complexity together.

The small city size was a concern of mine, and the individual city sizes are rather small, but looked at in a regional context, I see their vision, and I have to say, I like it. If space is a concern, running a large region will give you more space and options for expansion than you will know what to do with.

I highly recommend picking up this game if you’re a fan of the Simcity franchise.

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