A Response to “The Benefits of Live Service by Lucy Bradshaw”

SimCity (2013)

SimCity (2013)

If you have not had a chance to read Lucy Bradshaw’s recent blog entry, entitled “The Benefits of Live Service“, I encourage you to read the entry first before proceeding to read my response. This entry may get me in a lot of hot water at EA and Maxis, but I have never been one about supporting the manufacturer or game designer. I support always what is best for the end-user. The consumer.


Dear Lucy:

As a member of the both The Sims and SimCity Community for close to 14 years now, a member of the IT industry for over 15 years, one learns about business including when certain negative aspects are being spun in a positive way, but also when it side steps the issues. This recent blog entry was clearly one of the instances where the negative aspects are being spun in a positive way and side steps the issues.

From my observations over the last few months as the reboot of SimCity has progressed, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive about one thing: Interactive, connected, gameplay that Glassbox offers is not only a positive experience, it is a welcomed challenged by SimCity Mayors. They are adopting this as the premiere standard of city simulation gameplay. It is not only revolutionary, it is complex, sophisticated, and elegant.

However, it still does not answer the primary concern the community has. The fight is not simply about always on gameplay; it is about everlasting gameplay.

The last SimCity that was released to mayors across the globe was January 31, 1999 (SimCity Societies in my opinion, while it bears the SimCity name, does not bear the spirit of SimCity). For over 13 years, SimCity 4 has lived on in the hearts of fans and fansites such as SimTropolis. The SimCity franchise was kept afloat by a game and community that has little to no always on internet requirement.

What happens when the SimCity Glassbox servers are unavailable for maintenance? What happens to users who desire to play the game 13 years from now? We both know nothing is forever. The servers will go away soon. After all, TheSims2.com website is being shut down at the end of January ending a magnificent ten year run.

SimCity Mayors have already adopted Glassbox. We all know it is a good thing. We do not need to be told that again and again.

Like any good mayor, we want to know that our investment in the new reboot of SimCity is wise. We will allocate funds to what needs to be allocated. SimCity Mayors do not want to know the benefits of Glassbox and online gameplay. These SimCity Mayors want to play this SimCity after Electronic Arts and Maxis retires this iteration of SimCity. Why? Because they realized this will go into the history books as something wonderful and is worthy of being nostalgic.

Best Regards,

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