A TSO Simday

This weeks Simday brings us up to date on what’s new in the world of TSO. First,
Maxis announces it’s plans to make TSO even more fun with the addition of some
new musical  and casino objects allowing more ways to run your business. 

Also users will now be able to use a better secure trade and sell system. Players
will be able to buy, sell and trade objects with other players and set up you’re
own kind of marketplace. 

But the biggest news from Maxis is players will be able to create and
introduce customized content (AKA Skins and objects) into the game. These new additions
to the game will make TSO more interesting. For more info be sure to check out
the official site for more details.

Finally TechTV.com has done a full
review of TSO and their impressions.

“In its current form, “The Sims Online” makes for surreal fun
with a strangely addictive quality, and, if anything, it has seemingly endless
potential. Like the stand-alone versions of the game, “The Sims
Online” is what you make of it.”

You can check out the full review here.

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