Beta Test The Sims Online!

It is Official Folks! You can Beta Test The Sims Online. At the official The Sims Online site, Maxis is letting the public be the first to test out the system before it makes its grand opening debut!

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Why Should I Join The Play Test?
Not only will you get a sneak preview of one of the most-anticipated games in years, but you’ll also get to play The Sims Online first! After The Sims Online launches, you Play Testers who buy the game get to keep your account, characters, properties, and other items (assuming you subscribe to The Sims Online and continue to abide by the User Agreement and Terms of Service). You’ll have a head start over everyone else!

How Can I Sign Up?
The Sims Online Play Test is by invitation only. Folks who have signed up for The Sims Online Newsletter will likely be among the first to be invited. So if you want a shot, make sure you sign up for The Sims Online Newsletter now!

How Much Does it Cost?
You can play for FREE! But you’ll need to pay the $5 US Dollars shipping and handling costs for the two-CD set.

What Else Do I Need to Know?
Before you sign up, there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, you will need a valid credit card for age-verification purposes. Second, The Sims Online is still being developed, so a lot of things may not work correctly. That’s where you come in — helping us find and polish the rough spots!

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