Death in Sim Community

In the early hours of January 1, 2002, Lian Price, owner of LP Sims was involved in a car acciedent and was tragically killed. Unfortunately, she was hit by a group of drunk youth. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, she passed away. It was sad to hear Lian pass away, but instead of one death, there was two. Lian was pregnant, and unfortunately, the baby didn’t survive either. Lian was going to be taking a break from designing skins until the baby was born. She was in the process of putting her final sets of skins into zip files, which her partner Eddy will finish for her. Eddy and Lian’s Family will be setting up a memorial website “dedicated to her in the near future, but for now her
memory will have to be through her work and effort put into this
site.” For the people who knew her, they can testify that she was a very good
person and would have made a wonderful mother.

We wish Lian Price’s family and friends, and of course Eddy, her partner, the best of luck. Rest in Peace Lian. You Will Never Be Forgotten.

Source: Christian, Member of SimsAddicted

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