Do not purchase!!! By Cito

This game has extremely draconian DRM requiring you to have a 24/7 internet connection to play. There is no single player offline mode at all.

EA has a reputation of after a game is 2 or 3 years old they shut down the servers so if you do buy this game you will have wasted your money as you won’t be able to play it in a couple years when EA shuts the servers down regardless of any claim otherwise you can just see from their reputation at all the server shut downs they have done to games as minimum 2 years old.

If your internet connection is down you can’t play this game.

if you install game on laptop and travel without internet connection you can’t play this game.

if your ISP is doing network upgrades or has an outage or planned maintenance you can’t play this game.

since it requires always on internet, if there is any lag between you and the servers you usually get booted from your game and unable to log in until the lag problem resolves.



Support game companies that allow offline single player modes for games that are meant to have single player modes.

SimCity 5 advertises as having both single player and multiplayer type games, but it doesn’t they do not allow offline single player gaming at all. If you buy the game and don’t have internet access you can’t play this game.

EA is refusing to refund and are trying to smooth things over by offering a free game, but they still refuse to remove the draconian “always on” required DRM and refusing to refund purchases of this game when customers find out they can not play single player.

don’t waste your money. There are many many other town building games, vote with your wallet and show EA/Maxis the error of their ways

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