DO NOT WANT. A rant by a veteran SimCity fanboy. By RetroBagel

WARNING: Im a manboy computer nerd-rager. This is my opinion and this post in its entirety only reflects the views of myself.

When I first read the news about a new, real, successor to the SimCity series coming down the tubes, I must admit, I was overjoyed and it took everything in me to stop the impulse to preorder then and there. I am so very glad I waited.

Every time they release any new information on the game, it pushes me farther and farther into the DO NOT WANT mindset. Therefore, I will not be purchasing SC until I have downloaded a pirated version, tested it, and found it to be satisfactory. In the event that the game blows me away, I will purchase a legitimate copy once the price is brought down to a REASONABLE F**KING LEVEL. If there is any hint of this being a Sims-esque, buy the base game and then get raped in the A$$ if you want the full F**KING content type release, then I’ll just say F**K it and continue launching SimCity 4 whenever I get into a city building mood.

Your DIE HARD FANS have been waiting a very long time for a true SC game. The simulation engine sounds F**KING amazing but from the information that’s been released so far, it does nothing to make up for the epic failure for which you set yourselves up. It would seem the product that you are currently developing is aimed for a pocket of retarded youth somewhere between fans of Cities XL and Societies.

The largest letdown yet, has been the post by the developer that shows exactly how detached you are from what made your previous TRUE SIMCITY games a F**KING BRILLIANT SUCCESS. F**K ONLINE ONLY. Why must he dance around the issue and make it seem like, “oh it’s online, but you dont have to play with other people… but you’re still affected by what other fucktards do in their ghetto reject cities… so uh… its online singleplayer if you want it to be”
Oh and we have to decide if our city will be clean, dirty, gambling, etc…? Hello… SimCity 4 I could have a city that was all of those things… and it was f**king massive! But no, now we have to limit ourselves, is that it? Medium sized “towns” that are either clean or dirty… SOUNDS LIKE F**KING ANNOfail 2070.

If it looks like I’m angry or overreacting over limited information, it’s because I am quite frustrated. There is so much potential here that the developers seem to be ignoring. I say “seem” because I am not a game developer and I can only deduct from the information that has been released up to this point. Also, I’m a f**king manboy computer nerd and we tend to have tantrums over Intellectual properties that we love, being raped by the moneyhungry executive cocks that are so obviously detached from the fanbase of their products.

I get that there are teams of people working hard to bring a release that they think the public will enjoy, and I stand willing to accept that they may actually be quite successful at this goal. This isn’t directed at any particular person or department, it is just me ranting about why I have disliked 90% of the information I’ve seen relased about SC (2013). SimCity is loved for its depth and micromanagability, and I can only hope that what is released isn’t some watered down, shell of what was once pure bliss.

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