Don’t buy this By Jeff Smurthwaite

I paid $79.99 for the Digital Deluxe version from the Origin store yesterday (3/8/13). I was unable to play for hours due to the online DRM scheme. You cannot play offline. Finally late yesterday I was able to get on and play. This morning I cannot connect to any servers and my cities created yesterday are gone. From what I understand by reading articles, they have stripped out features to help run more smoothly.

So .. most major complaints:

1) Unable to play offline, you must be connected to play.
2) It is impossible to build a city over about 200.000 people before the sewage and garbage algorithms fail from what I have read. They have a contest to see who can get to 2.5 million residents .. good luck with that.
3) No terraforming
4) No farms
5) Unable to save/restore the city if you mess it up or it gets creamed by the many disasters.

So save your money folks. They are giving a free game if you buy this one, but not worth it.

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