DRM ruined this game By AB

Simcity is by design a single player game. When I heard that there would be a multiplayer element to it I was excited that I could play with friends by building neighboring cities. However, upon purchasing this game I’ve run in to nothing but problems.

–Couldn’t get logged in at all on the release day.
–Could only get on after a 15 minute wait in the queue on the second day. Even then could only play for about 5 minutes before it would crash. This happened repeatedly.
— On the 3rd day found that the city I had created the day before no longer existed.
–Even though I had “Origin friends”, they didn’t show up in my friends list in this game until day 3 after the release.

Mind you, this is all while just trying to play the single player mode and that’s the epic failure of this game. It should have been online optional and not online required.

EA really shafted their loyal, paying customers to try and prevent a small number of software piraters. Their attempt to stop software piracy WILL fail, as it always does, one only needs to look at the game Spore as an example. So all they’ve done is bought themselves a few extra months to prevent software piracy and in doing so cost themselves the loyalty of their customers and some serious reputation points.

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