E3 2007 Canceled; Restructuring, New Date, and New Name?

E3 2007 Canceled; Restructuring, New Date, and New Name?

No doubt you’ve seen the news today, rumors and all about E3 being canceled more or less. The rumors are indeed true, that E3 2007 is off, and is being restructured, with a target date of July 2007 for the event.

Gamers all over the world know about the legendary E3. It’s probably viewed as one of the most highly anticipated three days in May that publishers, and industry leaders from around the world converge onto the Los Angeles Convention Center to showcase their latest gaming technology, hardware and software to wow away the media, the press, the buyers, and most of all, the fans.

Late Sunday Evening word was flying throughout the gaming channels that there was talk E3 2007 was canceled. Official word appeared Monday Morning with ESA President Doug Lowenstein making the confirmation

Officially it isn’t canceled, but rather being redone entirely to clean up the mess E3 leaves each year. It’s ‘evolving’, as some people would put it.

E3 2007 was officially off, and that necessary restructuring to how E3 operates was needed after rumors circulated that core members Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and EA opted to not participate in E3 2007. Soon following the other rumors were rumors of other major publishers following in the footsteps the four, which is led to the cancellation of E3 2007. It has been confirmed that Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, THQ and EA have been some of the biggest advocates of change for E3.

EA made the statement saying it supported the decision, but quickly denied rumors that it initiated the change. It still does intend to participate in any event ESA will create in the summer, according to company spokesman Jeff Brown. The LA Times quote Mr. Brown saying "the issue wasn’t that the size of E3 had grown out of control but that it was becoming increasingly difficult to finish sneak peeks of products in May that were not set for release until months later."

The current goal is to bring back a new and improved E3 Expo. While the details of it are now in the preliminary stages, the goal is to have the show moved to July from now on to give developers a few more months to polish off the games without the need to rush to meet E3 deadlines. Moreover, another goal is to minimize the number of attendees. Some sources have indicated that they hope to reduce the number of attendees to 5,000 attendees, down approximately 92% from last year’s figures of 60,000 attendees.

Other objectives include making the event "a more intimate event focused on targeted, personalized meetings and activities." It doesn’t appear the choice of venue will be the Los Angeles Convention Center either, but appears right now that the goal is to put publishers into suite-type styled setting or possibly a ballroom setting according to an interview Doug Lowenstein made with Gamespot.

"The question becomes reaching the right audience in the most efficient way," Lowenstein said. Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, said the change to E3 made sense.” I think that E3 evolved from a show that was for the important decision-making constituents of the industry and became something that was for the fan," he said. "As a business decision, it was an excellent one. As a gamer, I would rather see E3. It’s a fun spectacle."

Doug Lowenstein mentioned to the Wall Street Journal that E3 will now be known as “E3 Media Festival.”

Also in question is the fiscal impact of a reduced show would have on Los Angeles. Already there is much news that Los Angeles lacks proper facilities and hotel space. Plans for LA Live!, a 27 acre entertainment sports complex near Staples Center, and two brand new hotels, have produced a lot of hope for the cities convention business. But with the reduction of E3 could leave a many hotels in the red as the ESA spends over 70 million dollars on hotels and city services.

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