E3: Day 0 – The Sims 4

It’s been a busy day here in Los Angeles. We are having the honor of hosting SimsVIP this week in Los Angeles as we cover The Sims 4. In short, we’re having a blast!

Day 0 kicked off with an amazing press conference with Electronic Arts covering a number of brand new titles. However, what everyone cares about is The Sims 4. Executive Producer Rachel Franklin kicked the plumbob out of the Shrine auditorium with a rousing preview of The Sims 4.

Rachel touted how Sims were now smarter with bigger personalities. It will allow Simmers to have more enriching, meaningful gameplay. While in past iteration of The Sims simmers were able to control the body aspects of their Sims, Sims adds the ability to control their hearts. Simmers are able to define their personalities. Perhaps you like your Sims to be ambitious, outgoing and a perfectionist like President Barack Obama. Or maybe be a glutton, clumsy Sims. These new gameplay functionality influences emotions, how they behave, and how they respond to other sims.

It enables each Sim to have its unique, enriching story.

Most of all, the Exchange has been revamped where Sims now carry their personalities onto the Exchange. You can bring in your friend’s Sim directly into your game, personality and all.

Be sure to check out the E3 Sims 4 Trailer and all the amazing artwork and screenshots release. Stay tune to WorldSims this week as we continue our coverage of The Sims 4 and E3 2014.

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