EA Ignored It’s Customers By CPA Starcraft

There were numerous warnings from Beta testers and reviewers about the two MAJOR issues of this game:

1) Always on DRM
2) Small Maps

Servers are overloaded so EA has removed CONTENT from the game so they can handle it. You can’t play offline single player. If you can’t get on a server, you can’t play. This is a pain, but can possibly be fixed.

This is not like Diablo 3. The wait for this game was annoying, but fixed quickly.

The real kiss of death is this: All previous Sim City games allowed for building major cities. Map’s were almost too big to fill. In this game, players are filling cities within 3-4 hours Then you create a new city and start over, or hope to play “multiplayer” with others. I t removes the excitement and imagination of building a thriving metropolis.

This is a glorified $60+ version of Farmville. DO NOT BUY.

I’m hoping I will never have to buy a game associated with EA again.

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