EA needs to stop trying to become a landlord – By R. Northrup

My first Sim City was The First Sim City, which came in a box with an illustration of a handheld console. Inside were B&W disks for our Macintosh Plus.

I still have those disks, and I can still play it on my Macintosh Plus, 23 years on.
Not so with this one. I’m not going to buy it. I’m fed up with this crap.

EA needs to stop trying to become a landlord, and go back to making games that we can own.
The arrogant nabob MBAs who think they’ve re-invented the business model of the video game need to eat humble pie, be literally kicked or shoved out onto the streets with the spreadsheets they flew in on, and go try to start a corner yogurt shoppe.

Then put the developers in charge of the business, and give the customers what the hell we want.

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