Even when I can play it, it sucks By Patrick “Verinox”

Everyone already knows about the server issues. They’re horrible. Shame on EA for letting this happen. Origin says I’ve played SimCity for 22 hours, and I would estimate that about 8 or 9 of those hours were spent clicking the Load City button over… and over… and over again.

Once you’re lucky enough to load into the game, here are all the negatives I see which make me disappointed in this franchise reboot:
— The cities are SMALL. I easily use all open space in my city within 2-3 hours of starting. Where is the fun in that? Seriously????? It used to take me weeks to fill a city in older versions. This is pathetic.
— There are huge bugs with traffic. Over and over, a car will get stuck in the road and never move, which blocks all traffic on main streets, which means ambulances, cops, and fire trucks can’t go to where they need to…
— I am sick and tired of spending 2-3 hours building a city, then logging out, and logging back in later to see that the last hour or so of gameplay wasn’t “saved” and I need to redo it. You seriously released a game without any local save option, and then force us to rely on a cloud save that doesn’t work???? Pathetic, again.

I used to think that all the people who were “EA Haters” out there were dumb… but I’ve become one of them after this experience. EA has proven to be completely inept when it comes to DRM. Steam works so much better in my experience, it’s a shame their games don’t just use Steam.

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