First Glance at Spore

The first time I heard of Spore, the name was not very appealing; but yet a very unique choice of naming it. However, when I started to look into it, the features and creativity put into Spore was definitely beyond any game I have ever played.

It is very interesting that the character’s personality, strenghts, and abilities change depending on its physical features. It is intelligently composed of how each individual’s character and city has somewhat of an impact on other players. The vast volume that the game will be able to control will be beyond millions if it becomes worldwide. Spore is definitely another level higher than Sims, and if there are millions already playing Sims, there will probably be millions playing Spore. Moreover like past Maxis games, the game can be never ending; how I could play for years and it would still be entertaining. I believe that is what really separates it from other games such as Starcraft, Counter-Strike, and Sport Games. I definitely give props for the creation of Spore!

More commentary to come.

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