Glitzy E3 still about games

London Free Times has written an article on E3. There’s a small section written about The Sims 2. London Free Times Writer Steve Tilley had this to say about The Sims 2.

Although I love the Sims, I had little hope that EA Games would be able to do much to improve upon the formula with The Sims 2 (PC). Oh my, was I wrong. Not only can you play as successive generations of a family, passing genetic traits from parents to offspring, but the ways in which the Sims can interact in the game’s beautiful new 3-D world has been greatly expanded. In a short but hilarious demo of the game, we watched a horny husband get busted by his wife when he hooked up with an old flame . . . at their son’s birthday party. Bet he slept in the Sim-doghouse that night.

Evidently Maxis has done it again. They’ve turn the impossible possible. You can read Steve’s complete E3 review here

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