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I really don’t know how our affiliate TheSimsZone does it sometimes, but when they do coverage of an event, whether it be E3, or Hot Summer Nights, they really go all out. They probably, if not do, have the most extensive coverage of anything 🙂

Anyhow, the following Hot Summer Nights Info is courtesy of ChEeTaH and TheSimsZone 🙂 Hot Summer Night TS2 Screenshots 
EA is holding its Hot Summer Night event again. Press gets invited to the EA Headquarters to check out the latest games, and the progress made since the E3 back in May. Of course that also means there are a lot of screenshots to get. There are quite a few of the Sims 2 on all platforms (except PC and Mac, where the game is already released). Most of the ones below come directly from EA, except for the first Console shot, the first three PSP shots and the first six Mobile Phone shots – those come from the official German site – and the final three for the mobile phone, which come from WorthPlaying (but also from the Hot Summer Night event). If you click read more (or scroll down a bit), you’ll see thumbnails of all these screenshots released the past two days, by clicking those thumbnails you’ll see the full size screenshots.

The Sims 2 Console
20050715-hsn5 20050715-hsn4 20050715-hsn3
20050715-hsn2 20050715-hsn1 20050715-yacht

Sims 2 PSP
20050715-hsn4-psp 20050715-hsn3-psp 20050715-hsn2-psp
20050715-hsn1-psp 20050715-eade3 20050715-eade2

Sims 2: Nintendo Dual Screen (Nintendo DS)
20050715-hsn1-nds 20050715-hsn2-nds 20050715-hsn5-nds 20050715-hsn4-nds 20050715-hsn3-nds

TS2 GBA (Gameboy Advance)
20050715-hsn5-gba 20050715-hsn4-gba 20050715-hsn3-gba
20050715-hsn2-gba 20050715-hsn1-gba

TS2 Mobile
20050715-hsnwp3-mobile 20050715-hsnwp2-mobile 20050715-hsn4-mobile 20050715-eade1-mobile
20050715-eade2-mobile 20050715-eade3-mobile 20050715-eade4-mobile 20050715-eade5-mobile
20050715-eade6-mobile 20050715-hsn1-mobile 20050715-hsn2-mobile 20050715-hsn3-mobile

Hot Summer Night Nightlife Screenshots
A Hot Summer Night can’t be without some Nightlife, so of course EA has been showing The Sims 2 Nightlife on the event held on the 14th as well. This has resulted in several screenshots from the PC expansion pack. Again, like with the Sims 2 Screenshots, nine of these come directly from EA. The last five were posted by GameSpot. We’ll keep you updated with more Hot Summer Night material, of which some can be expected very soon. For now click the thumbnails below for the screenshots. 

20050715-hsn4_693668 20050715-hsn3_906056 20050715-hsn2_561272
20050715-hsngs5 20050715-hsngs4 20050715-hsngs1
20050715-hsngs2 20050715-hsngs3 20050715-hsn9
20050715-hsn8 20050715-hsn7 20050715-hsn1_731759
20050715-hsn6 20050715-hsn5_275529

HSN: The Sims 2 Video
During the Hot Summer Night event EA has given a video of the Sims 2 to the attending press. It’s been posted on several gaming sites already including GameSpot and GameSpy. On the latter one you can download the video in several versions without registration. The video goes through all versions of the game with in the background a remixed version of the Sims 2 tune. You can see the Console, GBA, DS, PSP and even the Phone editions. Several scenes of all these games are shown, all from within the game. See the video to find out for yourself. 

HSN: Nightlife Video and Interview 
There’s more stuff from the EA Hot Summer Night. This time it’s about Nightlife again. After some screenshots, gaming site GameSpot has posted a few more things about the expansion pack. First of all there’s a gameplay video released by EA, which you can get off the media page or from GameSpy. It shows several things that have been shown on screenshots before, but now in motion. That includes dining and dancing, cars, the poker table, the bowling alley and the karaoke machine.

Other than that, GameSpot has interviewed Tim LeTourneau, Senior Producer of Nightlife. In the written interview, Tim explains the dating game, the new objects and interactions. News is that Sims might receive a love letter in their mailbox after a great night out. Dream Dates can result in a number of rewards, including promotion at work. The Outing Score is also mentioned. It’s like the date meter, except for when you go out with a bigger group. The group needs to have fun.

During the six minute video interview Tim tells pretty much the same. The video also shows some of the in-game footage in the other video. You can stream it with a free GameSpot Basic account from the media page

HSN: The Sims 2 (Consoles and Handhelds) Videos 
After yesterday’s footage, there are now several more videos of the Sims 2 on consoles and handhelds. There’s also a video interview from GameSpot with producer Scot Amos, who talks about the console version of the game (PlayStation 2, GameCube and XBox). Read on for all the details and information about the videos.

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HSN: The Sims 2 (Consoles and Handhelds) Previews [Update]
 There aren’t just videos, but also several previews of the Sims 2 on the consoles and handhelds. Both GameSpot and IGN checked out the games at EA’s Hot Summer Night event, and have written articles about them. Read on for the details.

IGN has now also posted a preview of the PSP version. The information in the specific paragraph has been updated.

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HSN: Nightlife Video Interview and Previews 
The Hot Summer Night information flood keeps going, this time with some more about Nightlife. GameSpot brings a video interview with Tim LeTourneau, including a lot of in-game footage, as well as a preview. IGN has a text preview as well. All the details are inside.

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HSN: 1Up Previews the Sims 2 (Consoles) 
After other sites posted their previews of the Sims 2 on the three big consoles (PlayStation 2, XBox, GameCube), gaming site 1Up follows with a preview about what they’ve seen at the Hot Summer Night event last Thursday. In it, they give a little more new info again. First of all they say there will be more than 4,000 articles of clothing, each with four variants as well. 1Up continues to mention the culinary options. Ingredients can be taken fruit trees, herb gardens, fish tanks and more, all to be either baked, blended or served raw. The editor also calls aging more of a curse than anything else – but it’s been left out of the console version. More objects, social options, areas and the new creativity aspiration should all make up for that.

They also go a little more in-depth about the direct control. By pressing the shoulder buttons you can go through the Sims you want to control. The one that is deselected will continue with what he or she was doing. The editor also appreciates the lack of many interface bars etcetera cluttering up the screen. The interface is nice and clear, without any unnecessary information on it. It’s "much more accessible to the more casual console gamer" while keeping the depth of the PC game.

Read the complete preview for more details.

HSN: Nightlife Gameplay Videos 
Yesterday we already reported about a preview from IGN about Nightlife, now they’ve also added six movies to watch or download. All are brief gameplay movies. The first shows a kid on the dancefloor, requesting a song. That can be either fast, medium or slow. In the second one you see a sim singing on the karaoke machine, and one with some cologne trying to do the same. Movie three is all about a vampire who goes to sleep in his coffin. In the next movie, a vampire has just been exposed to some light of the flasher of the photo booth. The picture appears in the inventory and can be placed on a wall or somewhere else. The same vampire heads over to the bowling alley in movie five, where he stalks a Sim and turns into a bat. In the final one, he drives away from a garage in his car. All clips are short – less than 30 seconds each. You can find them on IGN’s videos page.

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