I want single-player offline mode By P. Edwards

I was looking forward to this game since I read about it’s release months ago, and was excited to make the $60 advanced purchase so I could get my copy the day it came out. I have since taken it off my computer since there is no way to just sit and play the game without logging on to a server and having the Origin website start up advertising games I’m not interested in. All I wanted to do was build and manage my own little creation and play the game like I want to – no ‘always on’ connection, no invites, no multi-player, no servers. Let players who want the multi-player experience turn it on within the game by choice, but don’t force it on people. I feel like I’ve been ripped off my $60 and until EA and Maxis fixes this I guess the box will just sit on my shelf uninstalled. Just a single player mode please – OFFLINE.

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