It’s Six A.M… Do you know where Maxis is?

Editorial by Eggzie, ManagerJosh and CDJ54321

We’re standing at a unique point in history. No community, no game has withstood the test of time like The Sims has. With the recent announcement of The Sims 3 in development, we can be one of the very few gaming communities to proudly boast ten years: A decade of Simming; a decade of creating characters, storylines; a decade of custom content; a decade of rewriting the entire book on the gaming industry. But as we approach this decade landmark, we ask this very question: Is Maxis falling victim to the same fallacies and conclusions other gaming companies have made about their fan base? We definitely want to see The Sims survive past a decade and into another decade, but we realize it’s time to do a self-evaluation on this community. Maxis has failed to comprehend and utilize to the fullest extent one of the largest and most loyal communities around, a community based on friendship, comradeship, creation, talent, and fun.

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