New SimCity may not see Mac Version

Mac users may have a reason to revolt after being told today earlier on Twitter Maxis is presently focusing on the PC Version of the new SimCity. Mac users may have to resort using alternative means to play the new SimCity, including using solutions like BootCamp, Parallels, or VMWare Fusion.

However, the tweet does not indicate one way or another if Maxis will never develop a Mac version of SimCity or would allow a third party publisher like Aspyr Media to port the new SimCity.

Possible speculations to why no Mac version may be in development may revolve around the upcoming Mac OS X Mountain Lion release that features App Sandboxing, which adds additional security to your system by limiting the capabilities of an app to just those needed to function. Apps published after June 1 are required to be Sandboxed.

The restriction, combined with the introduction of Apple’s Gatekeeper Feature, restricts the ability of apps not signed by Apple approved developers from running in Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

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