New SimCity Pricing and Bonus Features Announced

On the heels of the announcement of the new SimCity comes surprisingly the pricing and two editions of SimCity.

Priced at $59.99 USD, will be SimCity Limited Edition and will be available in both PC Download and PC Physical featuring bonus features such as Mystery Items, New Characters, Crime Waves, Super Hero HQ, and Evil Villain Lair.

At $79.99 comes the SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition available exclusively on Origin only. It includes everything in the SimCity Limited Edition, but also includes the British, French and German City Set. The idea of having the digital deluxe set was to allow players to recreate European inspired neighborhoods in SimCity. Items that should hopefully make the final game set include the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Big Ben.

The entire Digital Deluxe Edition Description:

As well as all the great content in the Limited Edition, the Digital Deluxe includes three European City packs. Recreate European inspired neighborhoods in the center of your city! Place world renowned landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate or Big Ben to help your tourism business in your city. Receive exclusive missions, complete unique achievements and earn big bucks as waves of Sims visit the landmarks. Watch as the businesses, homes and vehicles around your landmarks start to take on the flavor, style, and architecture of those countries.

  • Signature Landmarks
  • Be the envy of your region by placing exclusive landmarks to give your city district a fresh new look. Sims will visit your city to see the beautiful wonders.
  • Change in the Streets
  • Watch the streets, homes, businesses, and vehicles around your landmarks start to take on the flavor of those countries.
  • More Ploppables
  • Move your Sims in style with new transportation ploppables. Double Decker buses from London, High-Speed Rail from Germany, and police and fire services from Paris.


Complete Digital Items Description:

  • Mystery Items (Origin Pre-Order Exclusive): Everybody likes a good surprise. Enhance your city with this exclusive item.
  • New Characters: Protector of SimCity MaxisMan vs. The Evil Dr. Vu and his henchman
  • Crime Waves: The Evil Dr. Vu is loose and will create havoc in your city. Normal police are helpless against this Super Villain. The Evil Dr. Vu will solicit Sims to become his henchmen and carry out his dastardly deeds.
  • Super Hero HQ: Place MaxisMan’s headquarters in your city to combat crime and keep your Sims safe. Upgrade with the Turbo Machine garage and The Reticulator landing pad.
  • Evil Villain Lair: Place Dr. Vu’s Lair in your city to unleash a crime wave. As The Evil Dr. Vu commits more crimes, upgrade his lair with a special laboratory and a garage for the Evil VuMobile.
  • British City Set: Recreate a British inspired neighborhood in the center of your city!
  • French City Set: Recreate a French inspired neighborhood in the center of your city!
  • German City Set: Recreate a German inspired neighborhood  in the center of your city!


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