New SimCity Test Server and Test Server FAQ

Maxis has released a SimCity test server to help test and stage changes before they are rolled out across all the servers. Here’s a FAQ released to help you understand its function. Please also understand that instability is to be expected.

Q: What is it for?
A: This server is used by us the SimCity developers, and players to test changes and new features before they are released across all the other servers. This test server will improve our ability to deploy these updates as quickly and accurately as possible.

Q: Can I play on that server?
A: You can and we would be very grateful if you did, as we need people to help test. But by it’s very nature it will not be as stable as our other live server environments.

Q: What does that mean for players?
A: You’ll have the sincere appreciation of the SimCity development team for helping us test the game, but your experience might be unstable. We also may take this test server down at any time, and you could lose progress in your saved cities. You should not lose your cities on this test server, but it is always a possibility.

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