New Updates and Comments New Updates and Comments

Okay people, as you can see my ads have suddenly vanished and new ads have replaced them. Please Help Us get as close to our goal of 500,000 impressions by clicking at least ONE ad and looking at it for 10 seconds. This will help put us at least one step closer to our goal

Secondly, our Christmas Lights Link has been Fixed so you can stop sending emails to

Thirdly, doesn’t do the updating to this site. They are the people at Gamesquad Network who helps run the server, and provide a shelter for us. I’m the webmaster of WorldSims here so PLEASE send email to either OR I will answer it as fast as I can and please do not send it to!! The poor folks at Gamesquad Network has more than enough email to handle and they don’t want to deal with another 500000 messages from people complaining about broken links or problems with their downloads.

Fourtly, our Portal Entrance Sitation is looking brighter. Gamesquad Network said it may step in and assist us with this problem. I’ll keep you posted on it!

Fifth, We have Updates Coming from my skin coordinator, Ben Munson , a couple September 11, 2001 Items (to remember those who won’t be with their families this Christmas) and quite a few Christmas Items, even a Special Guest from the North Pole that helps Santa on his evening rounds.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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