One of the Worst Product Launches in the History of Computer Gaming By Dennis Metzcher

I’ll keep this review short, because there’s not a lot to say. I’m writing this four days after the game was released.

SimCity is great IF you can connect to the servers and actually play. About 95% of the time, however, I will either get a server connection error at the launch screen, or — if I can get past the launch screen — be told that I cannot connect to my city. Then, I have to start all over again, re-launch the game, get past the launch screen (more server connection errors, so I always have to start over a few times here), and hope for the best when it tries once again to connect to my city. I think I’ve spent more time waiting for the game to be playable than I have playing the game.

For me, the frustration just isn’t worth my time. It’s a shame, too, because I’ve been playing different versions of SimCity since 1996, and I was very excited about this latest one.

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