Online DRM should not be encouraged By Alice M. Cabrera

Reasons why I would find some other game to play even if/when this one worked (no, I don’t have to play it to know that the online only is a deal killer. There are plenty of fun games to play that don’t have this stupid requirement)
1. This is the kind of game I’d like to play when on the plane or somewhere without wi-fi. I play when I have wi-fi too but it’s the perfect game for when you don’t have internet (except EA thinks I should only play it when I have internet)
2. Don’t want to be beholden to my internet or EA’s servers working.
3. I like playing single player games. I don’t really want to play with other people. This game seems geared towards having to play with other people (small city sizes that you can’t do everything with). Plus honestly, I like to make large cities in sim city, to me that was my goal was to see how large I can grow my city. Already I was disappointed with SimCity 4 on my iphone cause the very small map (which I at least can understand is due to the constraints of the hardware there).

***And something anyone who is considering buying this game despite above objections (maybe they simply don’t care and it doesn’t matter to them, they plan on playing when they have online and like multiplayer)***

4. Don’t want to pay 60 bux for a temporary game. Yes, I said temporary. When EA moves on to focus on other games, how much longer will they want to support the servers? Also, once they come up with a new SimCity, how tempting do you think it will be for them to slowly stop support on servers for the old SimCity to influence people to buy the new one? Don’t expect this game to work for as long as you have it. It will work for as long as EA sees fit to support it.

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