Open Letter In Response to The Sims Deluxe

My friend Cheetah has posted an open letter to Maxis in response to The Sims Deluxe. It is one letter I feel that you viewers should read and take a look.

Cheetah writes on the outrage on how Maxis is trying to squeeze every little penny out of its fans. The Sims: Deluxe, Cheetah comments, is the Ultimate Rip-Off.” I have to agree with Cheetah seeing how early buyers into The Sims should receive some sort of reward for being loyal fans. Frankly I don’t see how Maxis can show face for doing what it is doing. Included in The Sims: Deluxe are 75 brand new objects plus Create-A-Sim tool. I doubt anyone would want it.

I found this statement to be very intresting, and even controversial.

Cheetah writes, “Now why not give us, who already have The Sims and Livin’ Large (and paid more for it than the total Deluxe package), the Create-A-Sim tool and the extras in the form of a download at the official site? 5 skins every week would fill up 10 SimDays already, maybe you have some material for it then? The ultimate offer? I doubt it… It sounds more like ‘The ultimate rip-off’. You’re a company Maxis/EA, you want money. We know that. But we as customers pay you that money. Unhappy customers tend to stop buying from the company that ripped them off. In other words: you’re losing customers with this, and in the end losing money. Now I thought you wanted the opposite of that, or am I wrong and is Bankruptcy what you’re aiming for? Maxis, I must say that things were better _before_ you joined Electronic Arts, now to me known as the farmers who milk out every game they release.

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