Potential Sims 2 University Patch?

During the European Tour, Senior Producer Tim LeTourneau stated that there was no current plans to release a patch for Sims 2 University, but they were toying around with the idea.

TheSimsZone noted that, " Tim elaborates on what we summarised; The Sims is a very open game, and the bugs that were reported seemed inconsistent and weren’t always reproducible, and thus harder to trace back. Maxis hasn’t been able to reproduce many problems very well, as many only occur for some players and not all of them. These problems were considered quirks, that Maxis thought didn’t affect gameplay too much, and so didn’t require a patch. "

There is no decisive list of items to fix quite yet, however we’ll soon know soon enough.

You can read the entire post  @ The Sims 2 BBS

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