Requires you to play online with strangers – By Megan F. Miller

I’m very disappointed that I purchased this game without reading what the online game play meant. You can’t play this game without being connected through the Origin software, so you must be online and have a working Internet connection. City functions are also hampered if you are not playing in a region populated by other users, so you can sell your products and services and get them from others. For example, apparently my oil wells will stop working at some point if I don’t find another city to sell them to. However, unless you are playing with friends, your city infrastructure can easily become dependent on a stranger’s city. If they destroy or abandon the city, you’ll incur damage to your own. No way around it. I’d like to sell this back to Amazon…

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to say, you can’t save a game locally. I’ve started cities, Simcity/Origin crashes, and oops — city gone.

Also: You can’t turn disasters off. Literally, every half hour there is a stupid meteor, godzilla attack, tornado attack, that ruins buildings and you have NO CONTROL** over this. Pass this game by, there are so many problems, and don’t look back.

Edit again ** As someone pointed out, you have control over disasters … IF you play in Sand Box mode. In Sand Box mode all buildings allowed, there are no fires or any challenges, etc. Which isn’t the way I want to play. I’d like to play a city with emergencies and challenges but without a zombie attack or having my city decimated by a meteor every hour.

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