Sad and Unfortunate By Solgnir

I write this as a 28-year old with a career that keeps me occupied anywhere from 70-80 hours a week. One of the first video games I really ever got into was the original SimCity. Maxis displayed its brilliance at creating not only a challenging, but truly captivating city-building experience throughout the entire chain of this franchise.

Heck, I even played the Facebook game SimCity Online…and I swore I would NEVER play a Facebook game. I did it because…well…it’s SIMCITY, man!

And now we get the new SimCity.

It’s a great game. It’s a fantastic looking game. It’s a game filled with intricacies, an exciting learning curve, and everything I hoped for from a modern SimCity.

It’s also a game that nobody can play.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 20th attempt at getting through the tutorial, only to receive a server connection failure upon exiting Lucky Shores to finish the final step, having to ctrl+alt+delete or alt+tab to close SimCity, and try all over again. (hint: this sentence contains a bit of sarcasm)

I’m not going to sit here and whine for a refund — I’m not that kind of guy.

I’m also not going to tell you not to buy this game — I’m not that kind of guy, either. It will eventually be quite fun when I’m able to get to the main crux of the game. I’m sure friends of mine who pre-ordered this game will eventually get to play, and the idea of synergizing my city in a region with them is really intriguing.

What I have done, however, unless something changes drastically, is purchase my last Electronic Arts product.

Origin is an absolute trainwreck attempt at disguising piracy protection and DRM as a product of convenience, and is instead a thinly veiled network of slipshod servers that can not only prohibit me from playing a singleplayer game, but also allow them to completely kill my access to this game down the road when/if it does die and EA decides to pull the plug on their servers required to connect.

Honestly — I still can’t wait to actually get into this game and enjoy it. But, also honestly, I thought that the Diablo 3 launch was going to be hard to outdo in terms of failure. EA accomplished that failure this week.

It’s truly a pity.

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