SimCity Disasters 101: Protection and Prevention

Over the past week, Maxis has unveiled four SimCity disasters for fans: Earthquake, Tornados, UFOs, and Meteor Strikes.

But what happens when you integrate the Glassbox Engine that Maxis has been touting? Mayors from the past four generations of SimCity have consistently had to combat fires, floods, earthquakes, Godzilla, and the likes of mother nature consistently, often scrapping together what’s left of their once majestic cities. Businesses today focus on business continuity and disaster recovery, challenging organizations with questions such as:

  • Is there adequate fire coverage?
  • What happens when there is civil unrest?
  • Is there adequate funding to mitigate risks to a business or organization?

It simply is not enough these days to assume we have sufficient coverage until it is too late. When civil unrest occurs, or a UFO attacks, it may very well be too late to implement the right defense measures to protect your business or city. A key aspect of disaster prevention begins with proper resource planning and disaster preparedness through proper city services.

First, have adequate fire coverage in the event a major disaster occurs. That means having enough fire trucks to roam the city to put out fires. Second be sure to have sufficient police coverage. Your police chief will love you. Especially when disasters strike, citizens need to be protected from dangerous things that go bump in the night. Lastly, having proper health services is a necessary component to disaster prevention. Even after homes have been ravaged by fire, destroyed by earthquakes or tornadoes, having enough hospital beds is a key part towards any city’s speedy recovery. Having basic city services facilitates the process of rebuilding your city after a major disaster. Have a preview at what Maxis has in store for Mayors-to-be.

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