SimCity Update 7 with Barry Tingle

Hello again, Mayors! Live Operations Producer Barrie Tingle here with another SimCity update. Quite a few things happened yesterday. Let’s go over each one:

  1. Server Upgrades: We’ve completed the migration of all our original servers to the new, faster/higher capacity server architecture. We’ll continue to provide ongoing optimizations for our servers.
  2. Server Status Page: Want to check the status of one of our servers? Now you can – the team created a server status page that lives on You can view it here:
  3. Patch 1.5: We’ve deployed a new patch yesterday to address some trade intermittency issues, which should make regional interaction more responsive. We’re going to continue to improve the speed between cities within a region. It should also decrease the chance of losing progress on your city via a rollback. You can view the full patch notes here.

That’s it. We’re continuing to optimize and improve the experience and will keep you informed of our future improvements.

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