Star Trek Legacy

First of all, a big thanks to Bethesda Software for letting us get an inside view of Star Trek Legacy.

So we got a few moments to talk with several of the devs who’ve been working on Star Trek Legacy. As someone who does play Star Trek Starfleet Command 3 and Armada 2 during downtime, I can attest that Legacy leaves a vast majority of our needs fulfilled and leaves little to desire.

Graphics by far has been enriching and Madd Doc has gone all out getting the best (I believe they hired Rick Fox…I think thats his name…) Anyhow, when Paramount heard they were bringing Rick Fox on board for Legacy, they breathed a sigh of relief (so they tell us at Bethesda)

Anyhow, Legacy itself spans the entire timeline, from the Star Trek Enterprise Series all the way to Star Trek: Voyager. Included are all the famous ships we all have grown to love, including all the Enterprises, Voyager, DS9, and more.

The game itself has a very Star Trek Starfleet Command 3 feel to it, except the interface and everything has been simplified. However, I can attest that the game is looking extremely well, and that the simplified interface was something much needed and in my opinion, does not detract from gameplay.

The game itself allows you to relive some of our favorite battles. During our demo, we were able to see the famous battle between the U.S.S. Reliant and the U.S.S. Enterprise.

There are hopes to get some of the famous voices who stared in past Star Trek TV series to do the voices in the game.

Almost every ship created in the Star Trek Universe has landed in the Star Trek Legacy gameplay.

Graphics are cutting edge and the gameplay is superb. Each ship is equipped with its own sets of physics that are far more advance than anything we’ve seen before. Each class ship has their own set of unique characteristics and abilities. (hint…the Defiant can actually cloak..). Ships are upgradeable and it’s quite possible to see the original Enterprise retrofitted with upgrades end up in maybe the DS9 series. However newer ships will always have an edge over the older ones. (Tell that to the Excelsior class ships.)

Something I gripped and most likely other Star Trek trekkies will gripe about is that some ships abilities are missing. Most notably, the Galaxy Glass has no saucer seperation and the Prometheus has no Multi-Vector Assault Mode.

While the game is right now in Pre-Alpha, there is hope that the devs at Madd Doc will include these abilities as they are crucial elements to the Star Trek Universe.

Star Trek Legacy is expected to be out this Fall.

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