The Sims Online grows up

Want to create stuff? Or play a whole group of Sims? That’s right — your Sim can now create objects in the game! And in Betaville, its a special new “what if” city, where you can play The Sims Online with a family of up to four Sims, all with minds of their own!

Want more? How about:

  • New abilities let you Teach other Sims, Make Smoothies, Lure them to you, and more!
  • Accessorize with a range of hats, shoes, tails, and wings!
  • Salvage old objects for parts to build new ones!
  • In Betaville, come and see what happens when Free Will meets Fire!

Two easy ways to get The Sims Online™ today!
Rejoin The Sims Online™: Used to play? Want to come back?
Click here and go to “My Account” at, choose “Subscription Info” and click “Subscribe Now” next to The Sims Online.

Free download: Or you can just visit here to download The Sims Online™ for free!

Play today and get a special thank you from us.
We’ve created a special new “thank you” item. In the War Game, you can battle a friend for skill!

It will be available for all Sims to purchase for one day only very soon. We’ll announce the exact date in the game. Put on your generals’ hats and may the best Sim win! Play today!

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