The thoughts of a long time SimCity Player by EquinoxEscort

Well. Well, well, well. Where the hell do I start? For a long time, EA have been losing my trust and custom. We’ve all seen what they’ve done to Need for Speed, right? Now they’ve completely lost it with this, abomination they’re calling a “reboot” of the SimCity name.

Before I get too far, I know the game is still in development. I know it doesn’t represent the final product. So I’d appreciate if you don’t scream that at me later.

Reaching for the heavens in SimCity 4Firstly, what on earth is with the new art style? SimCity 4 had it absolutely spot on. It looked damn good. Now I feel like I’m looking at another horrific cartoonie kids game! Everything seems so overly saturated and why do we need a “tilt-shift” perspective?! Completely unneeded but “the leet kiddies think it looks cool!!!”

The introduction of curved roads. Love it, best idea since sliced bread. But why oh WHY does this now mean every building along a curved road (and even on straigh roads I’ve seen) have such a space between the next? SimCity 4, everything was packed tight, like many cites are. Sprawling suburbs of 2 story houses next to each other, not with a great big piece of land just left in the middle. Looks awful. Which brings me onto my second point, where are the huge downtown areas? The dazzlingly high skyscrapers? Its like we’re stuck with a US Midwest city set. AND THAT’S IT.

Power and water being transported via road. Just, no. Why change from SC4 again? Power via zones was good. Water only by pipes made sense. But lets dumb it down for the kids! Just place roads and away you go! What happened to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

SimCity 2013 RegionMultiplayer and “Great works”. EA let me drill something into your greed fueled soul. NOT EVERYONE WANTS MULTIPLAYER. SimCity 4 was a single player sandbox. I don’t want some kid ruining that experience, setting up silly trade offers or messing up this “global economy (may not be in, I dunno)” I’ve seen. Same applies to “Great Works”. I’ll never play with friends on SC, most of my friends aren’t interested in it. So now I cant build an international airport (or i’ll seriously struggle) unless I play with other people? Not a good way to go guys, not at all.

The water thing, no no no! If I want to build a water tower out in middle of nowhere I damn well want to! I don’t want to be limited to areas that have high water content it just doesn’t make for a fun game mechanic at all.

The business aspect. I’m a mayor building a city. Not a hotshot millionaire who wants to set up his business in MY town. Totally unneeded mechanic.

Why has the micromanagement pretty much gone? Spoke to someone who played at an expo and he mentioned how power stations could “only be turned on or off, not have their funding changed to reflect usage”. Makes no sense at all! I hope the intricate tax and budgeting systems are still in place…

SimCity 4 TerraformingLastly, where is the terraforming? Why are the “cities” so small? Why are you doing this to us, your loyal customers?

Credit where credit is due, I love the new idea of your population becoming sick from pollution and being unable to work. I love how it looks like trams are included off the bat and with integrated road tracks too!

If you’ve read this far, include the word “facepunch” so I know you’ve bothered to take this stuff on board, ta!

I’m sorry EA, but you’ve lost yet another sale for this “reboot”. Why didn’t you just expand on SC4’s base? Why did it need a reboot in the first place? Your incompetence at creating decent games then rehashing them into the ground I guess? Believe me I’m not the only one who has voiced concern and wont be purchasing SimCity. All I ask is when it fails and you pull the servers (which you will do, we know EA…) please don’t let the series die. Let Maxis work at their own pace, making a damn decent game and make your consumers (who are not 12 years old) happy for once instead of the constant letdowns.

Take a look guys, are you really happy with what you’re going to be paying over £40 for?!

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