This is what Simcity should have always been By Osajus

I hemmed and hawed around, trying to decide whether or not to buy this amidst all of the negative reviews (1,555 one stars and even the five stars were almost all negative.) My nostalgia got the better of me and I went ahead and ordered it.

The game took all night do download. Don’t be fooled by the message “Processing a big file,” it appears to be the download and install rolled into one cryptic message. This afternoon I started to play the game and hopped into a server without any wait time. Even if I had to wait, the game is well worth it. Patience, grasshoppers….

The graphics are still cheesy enough to transport me back to high school, but the ability to move around in three dimensions is wonderful. When playing SC2k, I would always get upset when I had to rotate the screen, now I am moving it all around the place. You can drill down to details, however, the zooming out is lacking.

I was a little worried about how the curved road functions would impair my ability to pack the most into my neighborhoods, but the entire zoning redesign made it a thing of beauty. I tried to create a grid city on my second game, and wasn’t at all happy with it, changing into curvy roads about half way through.

The AI isn’t as needy as it has been in the past, it gives you a chance to actually play. You can spend time saving for things rather than constantly trying to spend money here and there. The placed buildings are all modular which is a great feature. I haven’t played enough to figure out the intricacies of the economics and balancing the budget, but it’s nice it starts you off in “easy” budget mode and gives you the option to get advanced if you want later on. Your advisers are not always bugging you like the games of old.

The game has some bugs still, mainly with road construction and demolition. There are a few things to the game I immediately found myself not liking, but as I played I forgot about them and learned to like them. As I write this review, I am struggling to find any major problems to point out. Maybe after more gameplay.

All in all, it appears I finally found a game that is better than Simcity 2000, which has been on it’s golden throne for way too long. I just wasted 4 hours of my day in the blink of an eye. Thanks Maxis!

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