Total Let Down By RKG

The #1 thing for me is that when I buy games, they come with something like a how to get started or some form a user guide. However this one did not.
The other thing that I did end finding out is that I have to purchase the user guide separatley for $16. But on reading reviews of the guide, that was going to be a waste of money.
I did do a trial run & the tutorial segment was helping. I exited & tried to go back & there was no way to get in. There were so many additional glitches.

One person put it right…it is a toy not a game. You play with an endless supply of money & I was expecting a stratgy game like the other SimCity games.

Since this was a limited edition, I ordered since I didn’t know how limited it was going to be. I wish I had waited for the reviews. I am returning mine for “Not As Described”!!

Recommended if you want a toy.
Not recommended if you want a “real” game.

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