Vacation Expansion Pack Confirmed!!!!

Indeed the news of another expansion pack has rocked the entire Sim Community!! Gamespot formally announced the upcoming Expansion Pack! In a news article that can be read here Gamespot tells readers that Maxis has indeed confirmed a Fourth Expansion Pack for its hit series The Sims. Details about the new Expansion pack are very sketchy, but from Newsgroups and other sources says this about The Sims: Vacation.

“The new expansion, The Sims: Vacation, will let players take their sims to a number of different locations, including a beach, a mountain setting, and a wilderness camping area. While they’re on vacation, sims will be able to play beach volleyball, go snowboarding, fishing, and hunting. In addition to the new activities, The Sims: Vacation will include a wide variety of new objects, such as a snowman, a sandcastle, and a carousel, along with a number of souvenir items. ”

The Offical Press release regarding this new expansion pack is forcasted for sometime next week. An announcement regarding the new expansion would be quite orginized should the release come on January 10th with the “ReOpening” of Site Updates at The Sims Offical Site after a three-week winter break.

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