Web 2.0 – Online Communities and The Sims

During the course of the day when I’m driving around or going between places, television becomes somewhat of a luxury. So in the end, I stick with radio stations, tuning into KPCC (NPR Affiliate). So I was doing some work today, and today a discussion popped up on online communities like MySpace and YouTube with Patt Morrison.  As I listened, I realized that I disagreed with much of what was being said. True while some friendships are shallow, I think there’s a different degree of friendships being developed here in The Sims Community. Being a big part of The Sims Community for the last several years, I’ve come to appreciate some of the friendships I’ve developed. It’s taken me places where I’ve never dreamed I’d be. Plus mind you, these friendships aren’t just shallow friendships, as advocated by the guest speaker. Some of my friendships do run pretty deep and close. I’ve heard some people have even gotten married in real life because of The Sims and are happy married.

Anyhow, I decided to chime in and called in to voice my opinion about how The Sims community is very very different. Sometimes as a community representative, I feel I need to speak up about such things.

If you’d like to hear the particular segment on Online Communities, the time marker is 16:58-40:34.

Download the MP3 (18.2MB).

I’d also like to hear your opinions about what is being said as well. Agree or disagree with what I said? Post away :-).

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