…well, actually all is said… By nicksbrain

…but I still need to repeat it.
-DRM (obviously) – what happens if EA is going out of business? the community can’t run servers, i.e. the game can’t be played anymore. We RENT a game (same applies to BF3, what if the server browser will be shut down?)
-Size of cities -> I understand, there is a big area that is divided to multiple zones, but hey, why can’t I decide how big my city is going to be without starting another one in an adjacent zone?
-(maybe a problem of my own stupidity: where are harbors, stadiums, metro and so on?)
– Why can’t I decide the density of residential (and other) zones (lice in SC4)?

+roads distribute electricity and water, good one
+nice looking
+online features kinda nice (BUT should be optional, aka SIngle and Multiplayer mode)

If I could, I would get a refund. darn.

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