Will Wright Interview Soon

Yes it is true, on april the 7th we will be interviewing Will Wright. We will be asking him about the sims Vacation, The Sims Online, and also for all the sim city fans we will be talking to him about Sim City 3000 unlimited.

The interview will take place in a private chat room here at WorldSims.

Read More 1. How far would you think the sims has come from the origonal to Vacation?

2. What do you think of Vacation, I mean how do you like the way it’s turned out?

3. Do you have any comments on the sims Vacation?

4. I understand TSO will be the best internet game maxis has ever made?

5. How and why did maxis decide to make TSO?

6. Why did you make Sim City 3000 unlimited?

7. How did you come up with such a name as SC3K Unlimited?

8. Do you have any genral comments about any of the games or more that we have discussed?

If you would like a question to be asked please e-mail Callan Milne

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