Will Wright Joins Speaker List for E3 2005

This year’s E3 2005 is going to be a big one. With the recent announcements of The Sims 2 going to Consoles, in addition to The Sims 2: Nightlife Expansion Pack, let’s say people will be scurrying from booth to booth trying to keep tabs on everything.

As soon as we thought we had a firm grasp on what’s going to happen, another twist’s been added. Early on Will Wright did not appear on the E3 2005 Speakerlist.

But there has been several additions within the last few days, Will Wright’s name has appeared on the confirmed speaker list at E3.

Will Wright will be discussing “The path to creating AAA games: How successful designers learn from experience, or decide to break from it.”

The session brief: “In what ways do designers draw on their previous games for lessons and inspiration? Is the muse that contributes to the game design process wholly new for each game or does it tap a well of ever-increasing knowledge and experience? And what’s to be learned from mistakes and games that underwhelmed and sold poorly? This session will ask a panel of experienced developers how they learn and build on their game design experience. We’ll ask them to specifically address how their most-recently completed project (or one they are working on now) was influenced by the game that preceded it. If there are rules and conventions to follow in creating games, where do they come from? Is past experience a viable resource or is it best to start new projects with a clean slate? “

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