Worthless Piece of Garbage By W. Barnett

I am a huge fan of the Sim City games and have been for years. I was thrilled when I heard that a new Simcity game was being released and I couldn’t wait to start playing my favorite, but now updated, game. I purchased the game through a local retailer and I wish now that I had read the reviews before wasting $60.00. This is a completely unusable piece of garbage software that simply doesn’t work.

First off, creating a game such as this that can only be played and stored through an online server is a disaster. I prefer private gaming and relying upon the speed and capability of my personal computer. However, this is not possible with Simcity 5. BUT, if I could only GET to the server, that would be further along than I have been able to get.

After installing the game, the game will not run. I’ve installed and re-installed the software four times to no avail. The only message that I get is “there is something wrong with the installation of this game, please reinstall.” The one time that I was able to get past this window (after the fourth install), I got to the “select server” portion of the game only to discover than clicking on the connect to server button shut the program down. After a number of tries, I finally gave up and uninstalled the game from my system.

I’ve had my fair share of games that, once installed, I did not care for. That’s part of the risk in any purchase such as this. But to have spent $60.00 on a software program that is this flawed is completely inexcusable, particularly since I can’t get a refund of the money spent.

EA, you REALLY messed up on this one and you are deserving of the scorn that is being directed your way!

My advice is to absolutely avoid this game unless you’re a fan of throwing your money away. The bucks I spent on this hideous mess of computer programming would have been better spent picking up the dog poo from my back yard. Worthless!

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